Monday, January 3, 2011

concordion-extensions is now a Concordion sub-project

I'm pleased to announce that concordion-extensions is now a sub-project of Concordion. This project includes extensions to add screenshots and logging information to Concordion output, and to change the format of the timestamp in the footer. See for further details.

An updated release, concordion-extensions v1.0.1, is now also available in Maven central. See for details.

The classes have been repackaged under org.concordion.ext. Any users of concordion-extensions v1.0.0 will need to update their package definitions with this new release.

If anyone has ideas for additional extensions, please discuss them on the Concordion mailing list. add them to

Oct 26, 2014. These extensions are now packaged as individual projects and hosted on Github. See for details.

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